Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Weather Related...

I've lived through nearly 70 winters now, but I don't find myself thinking "Same old, same old" but rather "Isn't it weird how the light fades so early?" and "I wonder how long it'll be before all the trees are bare." It's almost as if I've never seen winter before.

I was half expecting it to snow on Tuesday when we were out in the car. Mainly because we were seeing these really odd clouds- with smooth, lumpy bottoms- like an agglomeration of breasts without nipples- that looked as if they were carrying something heavy that was about to fall- but nothing did. Perhaps they were masking UFOs.

There's been a lot of rain- off and on- and other parts of the country have been flooded- but we're in the High Weald- at a height of 400 feet above sea level- so that's not a risk we run. We were halfway up Highgate Hill last week and watching the thing in the car that calculates height and it turns out that Highgate Hill- which seems mountainous when you're climbing it on foot- isn't really very high at all- certainly no higher than we are here on the farm. But if Highgate isn't high then London must be very low- because it's way, way, below Highgate- and its flood defences must be pretty good- Thames Barrier et al- or it would be flooding regularly. Imagine London under water. Many have. Richard Jeffries- the Victorian naturalist- pictured the London of the future as a vast putrid swamp- and rather relished the idea because he hated the place. Was he a true prophet? We live in the age of big cities and find it hard to think a future in which they won't go on getting bigger and bigger- but city living isn't natural to us and London is already hollowing out at its centre and why- when we can communicate instantly over unlimited distances- should we go on living all clumped together?
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