Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Clearing The Shelves

I'm going through my shelf-hogging collection of old photographs and dispersing a lot of them (because Ailz said I could buy stereo views so long as I cleared some storage space.) Some are going in the bin, of course, but others will be rehomed. For instance I just bundled up a batch of colour slides to send to the priest in charge of the church where I worked in the early 80s. They show a confirmation class on a day trip to Liverpool. Who knows, some of those kids may still be knocking around the parish (they'll be in their late 40s now) and even if that's not the case the pictures belong in the church's archives, not mine. And if the Rev Angie S. wants to throw them away that's up to her.

40 years ago- and not even that- 38 if we're being pedantic- the Church of England was still putting up resistance to the ordination of women- and now the vicar and curate of my old church are both women- and one of them is in a civil partnership with her female lover. How short a time it takes for the hair-raisingly unthinkable to become the norm.
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