Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Tewkesbury Abbey 1

Huge round pillars like tree trunks, a Gothic roof that branches off from them: for Simon Jenkins, entering Tewkesbury Abbey is like entering "an enchanted forest".


Also there's something of the Egyptian temple about it.

If Norwich is my favourite cathedral, Tewkesbury is my favourite parish church. They are built out of the same elements- Romanesque below, Gothic above- but they feel very different. Norwich soars, is angelic; Tewkesbury is numinous, magical...

Compare and contrast...

Here's Norwich, what you see when you enter at the west:

And here's Tewkesbury

We were in Tewkesbury last Friday. It was a rainy day so I didn't take many pictures of the exterior- but then I'd done that on previous visits. Instead I went round the inside- carefully, slowly, hoping to miss nothing. Of course I will have done. But still, I came home with a lot of pictures- and this post is the first of a series...

One shot of the exterior- the central tower- the greatest Romanesque tower in Europe- standing up above the houses on Mill Bank and the waters of the Mill Avon.

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