Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Deepest Red

Our favourite garden centre is changing hands and having a clearance sale. We bought enough vegetable life to fill the back seat of the car.

We asked members of the staff if they would be keeping their jobs and they all said they would.

"So will we notice any changes?" I asked the guy on checkout.

"The colour scheme," he said. "Everything is changing from green to red- including the uniforms. I quite liked the green."

And the long-haired guy on the other checkout started singing, "The people's shirt is deepest red..."

Then we went to Alfriston. The book shop was open but the place that sells amazing ice cream was closed. It was closed last time too- so we had tea at a little shop across the road.

This is me sitting in the little garden at Much Ado Books. Look at the bench; it's customised to seem like it's made of books. I've got a newly-purchased copy of Ali Smith's Spring in my hand- the third volume of her Seasons quartet. The woman behind the desk said she thought it was the best of the series- so far. "I found myself wishing the things in it had really happened," she said. "And now I'm looking forward to Summer."
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