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Tony Grist

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Woodcraft [Sep. 11th, 2019|11:04 am]
Tony Grist
When did the trees break? It must have been this summer- early- because the fallen branches have leaves on them. I've let them lie until now because I didn't want to be sawing and chopping and carrying in the midsummer heat, but now I've got underway.

I don't use a chainsaw because I can't trust myself not to amputate a limb; I use a small handsaw- for the little branches- and an axe for the big ones. The branches are in both of our fields and I've very nearly cleared the top one now. By the time I've finished I'll have the mother of all bonfires.

What I haven't figured out is how to get rid of the very large boughs that are still propped up against the parent trunk. Should I leave them for Matthew? Probably. But, on the other hand, perhaps I could use rope to pull them clear. I can at least try- and I've got as long as I like to do it in...

[User Picture]From: poliphilo
2019-09-11 03:20 pm (UTC)
I had a thorough going over a year or two back- and got a clean bill of health. I don't think my heart's a problem...

But I am asking my body to do things it doesn't normally do.

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