Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Norwich Roof Boss #4

Generally speaking the bosses that stud the spine of the cloister roof are the ones that tell a story while the ones at the edges are miscellaneous. Here's a miscellaneous one.

It's a fine piece of carving. The man is lifelike, his dog is lively. I love the way it twists its head to get at his hand. The foreshortening is skilfully done.

Is he anyone in particular? His costume suggests that he's Biblical rather than contemporary- but I can't think of any patriarch or prophet who comes with a dog attached. (Dogs get a bad press in the Bible.) Lazarus in the parable had his sores licked by dogs but this chap looks too spruce and neat to be Lazarus. Might he be a shepherd watching his flocks by night? He's looking up; perhaps he's seen an angel or a star. His right hand is missing; maybe it would have held something that identified him.

I'm guessing. Suggestions would be welcome.
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