Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Collecting Cards

"You collecting the heroes cards?" asked our Sainsbury's delivery man.

"Oh yes," I said. "The grandkids will love 'em."

So he dipped into his right pocket and pulled out a huge wodge and then he dipped into his left pocket and pulled out another huge wodge. I think his largesse was a "thankyou" for me allowing him to make the delivery earlier then scheduled. Well, why not?

The cards come in little folders you have to tear open- so you don't see what you're getting in advance. The heroes are from the Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel universes- so there must be any number of different images in the set.

When I was a kid I used to collect the cards that came in packets of PG Tips- the tea for which Peter Sellers voiced those ever so amusing chimp commercials. (An earlier generation collected cigarette cards.) I never managed to get a full set of anything. Once a range was discontinued you could write up to the manufacturers and buy the missing cards at a halfpenny each but I never did, because that would have been a predictable commercial transaction- with none of the thrill of the treasure hunt- the having to wait until the caddy needed refilling, the feverish search between the inner and outer wrapper, the sweet pain of not knowing until the last moment whether your latest card was a new one or a duplicate- a dud...

The PG Tips cards were vaguely improving and educational. They got the distinguished wildlife artist C.F. Tunnicliffe to do their series of birds and beasts. The first series I can remember collecting was "Out Into Space"- which was issued in 1956. It included cool pictures of constellations with the star formations superimposed on ghostly outlines of the mythological whatsits they were named for- as in the old astromonical maps. I credit it with my (largely unscientific) fascination with the night sky.

I won't be in a position to hand the heroes cards over to the kids until the end of the month- and I can barely wait.
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