Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Cricketing Heroes

I'd been listening to the Test Match all morning and feeling guilty about it so I went out and paid a meaningless pastoral visit on someone or other- just so I could say I'd done some work in the course of the day- and that's how I missed Ian Botham's legendary, match winning innings at the Headingley Ashes Test of 1981.

Yesterday I missed another match winning performance at Headingly in an Ashes Test. This time it was Ben Stokes who was waving the magic wand. England had made 67 in their first innings and Australia was cruising to a well-earned victory when Stokes who had played carefully and defensively the day before began to hit out. At least this time I wasn't taking tea with random parishioners but rushing round the garden with my great nieces- all of us armed with water pistols- which was even better fun than witnessing cricketing history being made.

Stokes is the new Botham- a buccaneering talent of a kind that comes along once every half century. Meanwhile Botham himself is still with us, appearing in TV ads for medical appliances. You sit in your armchair- like so- with your socks off and your feet on this vibrating plate thing and it makes you feel so much better...
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