November 27th, 2021

Izzy-Wizzy, Lets Get Busy

Now that we've decided to sell up and move I'm wanting it to be settled yesterday.

We have an estate agent coming round on Monday. And we've made an approach to another.

I'm tidying house, stashing things in cupboards, giving things away....

A Boat Beneath A Sunny Sky...

The energy round here is a bit manic right now and somehow- like a tourbillon, like water going down a plughole- everything and everyone seems to get drawn in.


The cat needed to go to the vet. Ear infection as far as we can tell. Ailz is there now. In a queue...

My mother refused to get up. There's no-one in her head to reason with any longer just a squalling infant so I turned into Nurse Ratchett- which in my present mood isn't so very difficult. "You want to go on living," I said, "you need to get up for breakfast!" And again. "You're a grown woman of 100 not a child!" She can't hear me, but it relieves my feelings.

The carer has a flat tyre. Ailz and Julia spotted it as they drove out, taking the cat to the vet. She called her husband who happens to be a mechanic- Nice!

And while this is going on- in the intervals- I keep on tidying, stashing, giving stuff away. Wendy who's here doing the cleaning will be going home with a car-load.

And whenever I think about it I repeat what I've decided is going to be my mantra....

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.