November 25th, 2021

Dining With The Supreme Leader

I dreamed I was attending a dinner given by the supreme leader of a communist country in Asia and simultaneously digging down into compacted earth to uncover a buried something-or-other the regime wanted to keep hidden. The supreme leader (who, incidentally was a woman) put a bag upon the table and said it was full of pre-revolutionary banknotes from a neighbouring communist country- worthless of course- which she'd picked up when she was there on a state visit because she found them interesting...


Woke wasn't an insult to begin with, but then the stickinthemuds got hold of it and started using it as one- and those of us who identify with a gentler, kinder, more considerate, more thoughtful, more questioning ethos than the one embraced by the Daily Mail meekly accepted the downgrade and started backing down and apologising.

In the same way, a decade or two back, believers in sexual equality found themselves going, "I'm not a feminist, but..." because the stickinthemuds had done a number on the word.

Well, I'm not having it. I refuse to let the old fools write my script. I like the word. And I'm reclaiming it.

Yeah, I'm woke.

Woke, woke, woke, woke, woke.....

Whatcha' gonna do about it, punk!

Also, since you ask, I fully identify as a snowflake.....