November 17th, 2021

Adapting To Circumstances

My mother called me at midnight to ask if we'd had lunch. I explained the situation. Ten minutes later she called again to ask if we'd had tea.

I wasn't asleep. I was sitting on the bed in the spare room reading the fourth volume of Josiah Bancroft's fantasy sequence The Books of Babel (I recommend him. He's wonderfully inventive and writes beautifully.) I've decided it's futile to lie in bed trying to go to sleep when one's wide awake and one's leg is hurting and so I've started getting up when the body tells me to and doing something else until it gives me the all clear and sends me back to bed. I was up several times last night, had an early breakfast around five o'clock, got my first slightly hazy view of Orion, then went back to bed and slept until seven. When I've finished writing this I may take another quick nap.