November 16th, 2021

£4 Notes

The painkillers I'd been taking for twenty odd years had become largely ineffective but they did still mask- without killing- the restlessness of my left leg- a syndrome I've had from childhood.

They also made me sleepy.

Now I've knocked them off the leg is dancing like Eliza Doolittle and I'm lying there wide awake.

A third thing that's going on- which may be a withdrawal symptom- and so of passing interest- is an ultra sensitivity of the skin. So I'm dancing, I'm wide awake and I'm registering ever last twinge and tickle.

Not fun.

Last night I got up, read a bit, opened a miniature of single malt- which I knocked over and spilt after a couple of sips- which was probably my higher self warning me that this wasn't the way to go- and ate a packet of seaweed crisps. Returning to bed, I built myself a bank of pillows to recline against- and the radical change of posture gave the body something new to think about- and I finally managed to get some sleep.

A correlative of broken nights is vivid dreaming.

I was in Lewes watching an annual parade. A float went by that I really liked- it was actually more like an advan- made of tin plate and painted with devils and skeletons. I offered to buy it- and the owner and I settled on a price of £8. There was a pause- presumably while I went to get the money- and then I had to go look for him- and was told I'd find him- with his tattoos of devils and skeletons- working behind the counter at Boots the Chemists. The deal was still on, only now he wanted £3,000. We haggled, I beat him down to £100- and a nice middle-aged woman counted out my money for me- because I'm hopeless at that sort of thing- and it was a
ll in £4 notes- which carry a full colour portrait of Martin Luther King...

Ponies And Poangs

The field is in urgent need of eating- and I'm happy we finally have the horses to do it for us.

There's a small one and two very small ones. I haven't worked out which is the male. The very small ones are
shy of humans. The small one isn't bothered.

I've set up the spare bedroom as somewhere I can retire to if I'm overly uncomfortable and restless and wide awake. I've made the bed and put an Ikea Poang armchair in place. The chair was too big to get up our narrow stairwell so I quickly disassembled it, carried up the parts, then put it back together again at the top. I do like Ikea.

The Ikea Poang chair was designed by Noburu Nakamota in 1974. Originally called Poem and inspired by Alvar Aalto's "Armchair 406", it was slightly redesigned in the 90s with the aim of cutting costs- and is still in production. It is elegant, minimalist, comfortable, easy to put together and cheap.

A design classic.

We have two. We've had them now for twenty five years.