November 15th, 2021

From The Ashes

We heard that Chris the horseman was bringing us some ponies to browse our upper field so I decided on the spur of the moment to set light to the bonfire that has been gathering material through the autumn- and get it out of their way. As it happened the horses arrived just as I'd got the kindling going. I spoke to Chris. He says they've got a scheme to breed spotty Shetlands. He's brought us a stallion and two mares.

I was feeling a we bit sorry for myself after a restless night but fire is energising.

So are horses.

They're very skittish at the moment- going, "Oh look, a new world full of nothing but food!" I tried to get close but they weren't for staying still. Once they settle there'll be pictures.

As I was readying myself to leave the fire I spotted a small grey toad moving away too. It had dark amber eyes. As soon as it sensed I'd spotted it it pretended to be an artwork.

Sorry if I've wrecked your hibernation site, but you'll find another...

Life from the ashes.