November 10th, 2021


As you get older time moves faster- or so I read the other day. My experience is that while days last as long as they ever did, weeks seem to spin by. What, Wednesday again? But we've only just had one of those...

Enough Is Enough

The Mail Online overwhelms my computer. All that advertising, all that video, all that attention seeking content clogs up its circuits, makes it go slow and finally give up the unequal struggle. "Too much" it says, "And most of it such utter dreck! Shan't! Won't! If you want me to speak to you again you're going to shut off this torrent of mind-corrupting sludge and close me down and re-start me. And don't ever, ever, ask me to channel that filth again."

OK computer, I get the message. I did wrong.  Please let's be friends....

Brief Dialogue

1. Why look at the MSM anyway?

2 For the same reason a sportsperson studies their opponent's game.

1 Why oppose when you can simply ignore?

2 Erm...