November 8th, 2021

Slice Of Life

I dreamed I went to the railway station or bus station to meet a nice young girl who was going to give me a tour of the "Dutch parts of South Manchester". She was my brother-in-law's ex and I was simultaneously the age I am now and about sixteen. For some reason I made a point of taking my shoes and socks off before I set out.

I started a new jig-saw yesterday. The picture is one of Dali's soft watches. People talk about what a horrible person Dali was but I can't see he ever did anything really bad- apart, that is, from telling the US authorities that Bunuel was a dangerous commie. I like Dali. He was a shy, complicated man who built himself a carapace of weirdness to keep the world at bay- and in doing so became a performance artist before performance art was a thing. A lot of critics are sniffy about him- but I think he was the most authentically surreal of the surrealists, the one whose dream images exhibit the least amount of conscious manipulation.

We have a supermarket delivery once a week- usually on a Monday- usually from Tesco. The empty shelves thing they were frightening us with a few weeks back seems to have died away. I wonder what they'll throw at us next.

The Tesco driver- who was Irish- said, "I woke up this morning and saw the stars and thought it's going to be a fine day". He also said, "You've got a lot of leaves to rake, but perhaps you leave them to feed the lawn." And I said, "Yes, and also to provide shelter for the bugs over the winter."

The Mirror says the PM keeps getting into spats with the EU over Brexit in order to divert attention away from the corruption at the heart of his government. If so, it's not working.

Ailz is wandering round the kitchen chanting, "Let's go, Brandon, let's go!"