November 4th, 2021

Light Blue, Dark Blue

Do I want to go out and cut brambles? Not sure I do. It's not only cold but blowy- so there'll be a wind chill factor. I glanced earlier at a headline that said today's temperature's could be lower than Iceland's. That sounds really grim but perhaps Iceland is enjoying an unseasonal heatwave.

The article was illustrated by a photo of the River Cam gliding between frosted banks with the sun shining and a faint mist hanging over the water. Glorious!

(I've lived in Cambridge. I know how bitterly cold it can get out there on the marshes...)

No sun here. No mist. A grey sky. And the radiators doing a best that's not quite good enough. Ailz just got up to close the outside door she was sure must be open (I'm a bugger for leaving outside doors open) and found they were all shut.

It's going to be a day for staying in, for reading, for finishing off the jig-saw I've got on the go. The picture is an aerial view of Oxford (not Cambridge)- and it's proving to be harder than I expected. All that architecture! All those pinnacles and finials and having to work out which building they belong to! Oxford is a city I've never warmed to- though I love the county it gives it's name to. It's a city of high walls and forbidding gatehouses (walk through me if you dare!) with their statues of Cecil Rhodes and other mass murderers looking down on the mere tourist, the mere townie, the mere passer-by. Unless you're in, you're out. But it's awfully pretty- at least from the air- or from a distance- Jude Fawley's Christminster with its golden spires shimmering on the far horizon...