October 13th, 2021


"Some little Hollywood person" said Ailz, " "Was saying we shouldn't call aliens 'aliens' because it's hostile. What we should call them is 'E.T.s'."

We agreed this was a move in the right direction.

"On the other hand, " I said, "'E.T.s' may be too specific. It's not at all clear that they're coming from off-world. They may be coming from inner-space or from parallel universes or from the future. And if time and space are illusions all such distinctions are meaningless, anyway."

"So what do we call them?" she asked.

"A lot of people in the UFO community call them 'Beings'. I said, "That's nicely neutral. Whitley Streiber calls them 'visitors' because they visit him. He's been dealing with them all his life- and talked to them and ridden in their ships- and even he doesn't know where they're from."

"'Visitors' is good, " said Ailz. "I wish they'd visit us." And then, addressing whoever might be listening, "We'd be very happy to see you. We like visitors. Just so long as you don't talk too much, or stay too long..."