October 4th, 2021


My mother's carer breezes into my mother's bedroom going, "Shirley-whirley, time to get up..."  I like it. I wonder if she's ever been called that before.

I offered her a gin and tonic yesterday; she used to enjoy a G & T. "Tastes nasty," she said.

I knew Tony Blair was greedy. It's nice to have evidence for it via the Pandora info dump.

I don't think the media know quite what to do with the knowledge that the Queen is funding Prince Andrew's lawyers. Her majesty can officially do no wrong, but really...really....

I dreamed I was selling a pair of shoes to a company that was going to gift them to the shoeless. Odd business model, but never mind. I received a thankyou note in return. It was copious and hand-written in pencil. "This is a company I'd like to work for," I thought. "That is, if I wasn't already working for the Church."