October 1st, 2021

Happy Buddha

Very autumnal. Bouts of heavy rain. a chill in the air.

The moles are digging up the front lawn again. I need to get out there with a yard brush and smooth out their hillocks.

Every morning now we plug into Russell Brand's latest YouTube video. Today's is about the CIA plotting to kidnap and/or murder Julian Assange. Brand does current affairs. He does spirituality. He does anarchy.

We stayed local yesterday to conserve fuel. Tonbridge seemed quieter than usual- presumably because nobody is driving if they don't have to. We had no trouble finding a parking place. Ailz had a prescription to fill. We visited a couple of charity shops. I bought a jig-saw to wile away the hours of dampness and a 19th century print after a design by Turner. I now have almost as many Turners as Tate Britain.

That last statement was an exaggeration.

A lane we sometimes drive down if we want to avoid the centre of Tunbridge Wells was sealed off yesterday morning and still sealed off yesterday afternoon, with several police vehicles parked on the far side of the barrier. We were curious about it. Later in the day it was reported that the police had been searching the fields and woods on either side of the lane for evidence relating to a South London murder that has been dominating the headlines over the past few days.

We had lunch at a Thai restaurant. Their vegan menu was restricted to a choice of stir frys. But they were very good stir frys. I had a Happy Buddha beer- which came in a bottle shaped like a happy Buddha. I liked the bottle so much I brought it home with me.