September 15th, 2021


What this property needs is deer.

They're the indigenous grazing animal in this part of the world. They'd keep the weeds down and the grass down and the brambles in check. There'd be no need for me to be out there managing things because they'd do it for me.

But we can't have deer because they're all now semi-domesticated and shut up away in parks and our property has fences all round it and we live in a society where the right to private property is considered fundamental and the richest will have most and the Queen of England will have most of all because Dei gratia and all that heraldic Latin carry-on...

And having all that land means she can hide her pheasant-shooting son away from coarse American persons bearing summonses...

Sorry, suddenly went all political there. Where was I? Ah yes...deer....

Once in a blue moon one will escape from whatever park it's confined in and make a fleeting appearance here.

Such beautiful animals.

Here are a couple of deer (fallow deer I think) that I snapped at Knole Park in Sevenoaks in July of this year.