September 10th, 2021

A View From a Bridge

We drove into central London. Afterwards I said to Ailz, "We'll do this again- but only after we've forgotten all the trouble we've had today."

The trouble was mostly our fault. We were asking an out of date satnav to guide us- and she kept taking us down narrow streets that have been pedestrianised and bicyclised since she was last upgraded.

We round and round in circles. Our objective was Southwark Cathedral- and it would have been pretty straightforward if we'd kept to the major roads and set our face against the "short cuts" the satnav kept tempting us with.

Eventually we ditched the sat-nav and asked Ailz's phone- which has up to date information- to guide us- and it found us a car park on the north side of the river, hard by Southwark Bridge.

The car park cost us £9.60. I don't think that's bad actually. We paid a lot more -£17.00, I think it was- last time we went to Brighton...

Here's a view of Cannon Street Station with some weird excrescences behind it, as viewed from Southwark Bridge.