September 1st, 2021


I had a dream last night that dipped in and out of lucidity. It started out with me playing the role of a schoolboy who was skipping lessons- at one point running away from my now deceased father-in-law who was playing the supporting role of school caretaker- but then became the kind of dream I often have- in which I'm just wandering around looking at things- with the added value- which comes with lucidity- of those things being brightly coloured and sharply focused. Eventually I saw a church tower- and thought- "I'm going to go in there and take photos." Realising that this was out of character with my schoolboy persona, I dropped the pretence and became my present self (complete with battered dark red fedora.) The church was well worth visiting, as it happens, with a low wooden ceiling covered in carvings reminiscent of the terracotta work of the della Robbias. Someone offered me a very nice looking biscuit- and as soon as I started eating it I thought, "I really shouldn't have done that because now I'm going to wake up..."