July 8th, 2021

Old War Horses

My mother's old trainer came to see her. That's "trainer" as in "racehorse trainer". She's a nice person and now she's not losing my mother tons of money I'm happy to socialise with her. I'm not altogether sure my mother knew who she was but there was a flash of recognition when we talked about The Hardy Boy- my mother's most successful horse- which won her a number of trophies at Plumpton.

The Hardy Boy is 20 and lives in semi-retirement with the trainer. I think she still takes him out hacking.

Racing is becoming terribly commercialised, says the trainer. Really? I was under the impression it always was...

Film 4 is showing the old Star Trek movies. The Voyage Home is charming and funny. The Undiscovered Country is about the end of the Cold War. That future is now well in the past. It's nice to see Christopher Plummer in the prime of life- and knobbly makeup- quoting Shakespeare with relish and occasionally in the original Klingon. I've been watching a lot of vids about real life ETs and it strikes me that Vulcans are actually Greys.