June 23rd, 2021

Eleven Forty PM

The digital clock on my bedside table is reflected in the glass of a picture hanging alongside. Many of the numbers turn into letters when reversed. 2=S, 3=E, 4= something as near Y as makes no difference- and sometimes these letters form words. When I'm lying awake in the middle of the night I often glance across to see if there's a message for me. The night before last I did this at 23:40- and the reflection said, "O YES".

Adult Behaviour

Ailz and I have been sorting out our wills. We did it over the phone. At a pause in the conversation Ailz leaned over to me and gleefully whispered, "We're being grown-ups".

Fra Franciscus

I have opened a new account, fra_franciscus,as a storage unit for the poems I've been writing for the past 50+ years. I'll be posting there regularly, starting with poems written in the late 1960s, revising as I go. I have a lot of poems to get through and don't expect the job to be completed for a long, long time.