June 22nd, 2021

They Knew Their Place

The remains of William Waters, commonly called Old William, and Mary, his wife are deposited at the foot of this stone. She died 13 of June 1815 in the 77 year of her age. He died 13 of June 1816 in the 90 year of his age. They lived together as domestic servants in the same family for forty years, respected and befriended by all classes of inhabitants of this town and passed the remainder of their years contented and happy on the fruits of their honest industry. Reader, whether thy lot in this world be poverty or affluence, learn from the example of these good old faithful servants that the sure way to peace and happiness is diligently to do your duty in that situation of life in which you have been placed by your Almighty Father.

Gravestone in the churchyard of St Mary the Virgin, Ashford, Kent