June 21st, 2021

Highly Strange

We have a nightlight on a glass shelf above the sink in the corner of the bedroom; it's battery-powered, shaped like a tealight- and the glow it puts out is very, very feeble. I don't really know why it's there because we never use it.

A few nights back we noticed it was burning. Neither of us was responsible- and it's not something you'd switch on accidentally. There's a little switch on the base that moves with a definite "click".

We switched it off.

Last night it was on again.

I'd spent the day listening to Cameron Grant talk with various guests about UAPs and related phenomena and what it all might mean- and coveting their experience of the highly strange.

Et voila....

A nightlight that turns on by itself isn't exactly a glowing orange globe or a little grey man with huge black eyes, but it'll do be going on with..