June 7th, 2021

Moving Into High Summer

I keep expecting the horses to be returned to the fields and keep hoping they'll be delayed because they'll see the wilderness of grass and wildflowers as a buffet spread and eat it all up- and I'm not done with admiring it yet.

The grass is well over the cat's head. He finds it hard going. This morning he followed me halfway into the top field, then gave up and returned to the house.

The pond is getting boxed in with hazel saplings and thistles. The direct route is no longer passable without a machete- so I skirt the thicket and come at it from below. You wouldn't know that the dam was newly turfed because it's deep in greenery- just as I hoped it would be. The turfs I used came from the garden and there are some exotic species in there- including purple iris.

The yellow irises that are native to the boggy land are coming into flower. So are the wild roses. As the hawthorns and chestnuts fade so these others take over. A year or two back I complained about buttercups being scarce. Well, they're not scarce now. All that good horse manure has worked wonders.