June 3rd, 2021

Knight Of The Doleful Countenance

Danbury church was in chains, by which I mean that chains- in red plastic, so not very formidable, had been strung across pews and aisles to control and limit ingress as an anti-covid measure. There was no-one around and I'm not going to apologize for dodging under them to see the knights.

There are three of them- as I found out afterwards. I only registered two, but then the red plastic chains had intimidated me rather- and I was hurrying to get back into the clear. They are made of wood which makes them rare(ish) survivals. They have no names attached to them- but the significant local family was called De Clere, so I presume they're members of that family.

Knights on tombs are often shown in the act of drawing their swords. This one seems to be putting his back in its sheath- with a look on his face that suggests he regrets ever having had to draw it. Chivalry was an ideal- and few knights lived up to it- but I think it was strong in the mind of whoever carved this wonderfully graceful effigy.