June 2nd, 2021

All Saints, Writtle

All Saints, Writtle is a large, handsome church. The heritage people only give it a Grade II listing- which is surprising- so either it was the end of a long hard day or they don't care for Victorian rebuilds- which, admittedly- it very largely is. It has lots of interesting features. The roof is supported by tubby little angels- probably late medieval but so roughly carved they could be of almost any era- who have recently received a cheerful coat of paint (rather in the style of Spain's famous "Monkey Christ"). And there's a large collection of 16th and 17th century brasses.

As I began to wander round a friendly middle-aged woman emerged from an office off the chancel, said hello and told me to feel at home. She then left, but not before she had been replaced by an equally friendly middle-aged woman with a dog. Neither of them wore masks- so I didn't either; it's a big space- and we were observing social distancing.

Does someone mind the building all the hours it's open? It's good if they do.