April 9th, 2021

Three 12th Century Churches Part 2

The churches at St Nicholas at Wade, Monkton and Minster in Thanet are members of the Wantsum benefice- which also takes in Chislet (which I haven't visited yet.)

(Wantsum, by the way, is the name of the navigable channel that once divided the easternmost tip of Kent from the rest of the county. The Wantsum had silted up by the late Middle Ages- and what's left of it is basically a ditch- in spite of which the area it borders is still known as the Isle of Thanet.)

St Mary Magdalene, Monkton is the one I couldn't get into. It's the smallest and plainest of the three, but still very beautiful...

PS A lapse in concentration led to me labelling yesterday's pictures as being of Minster in Thanet when they're actually of St Nicholas. I've since corrected the mistake.