April 5th, 2021

Not Cherry Blossom

The northern counties have had snow- and it feels cold enough for there to be snow here too. I've spotted the odd white flake drifting down but perhaps it was cherry blossom.

A blue tit has been tapping and flapping at the kitchen window, as if trying to get in. I don't know what that's about.

They staged the University boat race(s) on the Ouse yesterday with Ely Cathedral on the skyline. I watched with my mother; she was always a great one for the establishment's sporting fixtures. Traditionally we cheered for Cambridge because that was where my Uncle Dick went. "Can you see what's going on," my mother asked. "And I said "Yes"- humbly and quietly because I knew what was coming next. "Well, I can't." she said, in a tone of voice which suggested it was the television's fault- or possibly mine. Cambridge won, by the way- both the women's race and the men's. So three cheers in memory of Uncle Dick.

I was at Cambridge too- only at theological college which doesn't really count. I feel no particular loyalty to the place- and never felt I belonged either to town or gown. Cambridge is nice to look at and very cold in winter.

After my mother had gone to bed I watched L'Avventura- a film that came out when I was 10 but still looks modern. I could maunder on about it for ages but others have already done that so why bother? If I chose to maunder a high proportion of my sentences would end in question marks.

And now it really is snowing...