March 30th, 2021

Mini Heat Wave

The partial lifting of CV19 restrictions has coincided with a mini-heatwave. I stayed away from the BFI player yesterday because it was too nice to sit inside. Instead I sat on the swing seat in the sun and read Japanese ghost stories- specifically Lafcadio Hearn's Kwaidan- the source for Kobayashi's movie. Interesting person, Hearn: Irish father, Greek mother, raised in Ireland, educated at the University of Durham, made his name as a journalist in Cincinatti and New Orleans, was sent to Japan on a newspaper assignment and stayed, married a woman from a Samurai family and took Japanese citizenship. A couple of stories deal with reincarnation and are probably, basically true. I doubt that any of them are purely fanciful...

Ailz dug out a bag of summery clothes and found the mice had eaten their way into it- but spared the contents.

Today is forecast to be the hottest March day since 2012- and since we're now allowed to travel further we're planning to go visit the Seven Sisters.