March 24th, 2021


We stopped off at a garden centre on our way to the sea- and I impulse bought a plant for the patio. It was sitting in a glazed pot- and I thought they were an item- only when we got to the check-out I found they weren't- and I ended up paying twice what I thought I'd let myself in for.

Still: nice plant, nice pot.

The patio is where I spend a lot of time in spring and autumn (It gets roastingly hot in summer)- because if I open the sliding door a crack I can continue to monitor my mother in the living room- and I want to make it greener. The expensive plant in its expensive pot is the beginning.

It's a leucothoe. I've not owned one of those before. It has curly leaves- and little white flowers in Spring. I'm looking forward to the little white flowers....