March 21st, 2021

This, That And The Other

We found my father's gold signet ring in a drawer. It has his initials on it- which precludes me- or anyone else in the family- from wearing it. So what do you do with a thing like that? Put it back in the drawer and hope that sometime in the future someone with the right initials will find it?

I watched a couple of French horror/fantasy movies from the 70s- Jean Rollin's Fascination and Valerian Borowczyk's The Beast. What an excessive decade the 70s was! All restraints had been removed and if you wanted to kick your movie off with close-up footage of horses having sex- as The Beast does- it was suddenly allowable. Fascination is atmospheric but ponderous and The Beast is like a Carry On movie crossed with late-period Bunuel. Both director's were called "pornographers"- and in Rollin's case this was strictly true because he moonlighted as a maker of hardcore movies- lots of them- in order to support his arthouse habit. I didn't like either film much. The Beast is entertaining but thumpingly unsubtle.

Our regular carer- Kristina- is in dispute with the agency- and may never return. In her place we're getting a mixed lot of carers- most of whom are better time-keepers that she ever was- which means my mother is getting up and going to bed earlier than she used to- and we're having to adjust. As my father was fond of saying- and I agree with him- "change is good for the soul".