March 20th, 2021

Left, Right

I walked down to the far corner of the lower field to see how the bluebells were doing. They're doing fine- not flowering yet (of course) but poking their darker green leaves up through the paler green grass.

The weather is coming at us out of the north. Yesterday it was warm enough for us to sit out on the patio. I don't see us managing that today.

I've got one more Dreyer to watch- but you have to pay close attention to Dreyer so I opted for something lighter, flicked through what was available and settled on a spooky film about two young young people who go into a cemetery to shag then can't find their way out again. I wanted to tell them that if they walked in a straight line in any direction they'd be sure to hit the boundary wall- but I recognise that this wasn't really entering into the spirit of things. The movie was made by Jean Rollin- who specialised in vampires- but there weren't any vampires in this- or even any blood- just lots of ambient weirdness. It was made on a tiny budget and looks very pretty.

I was explaining my straight line theory to Ailz and she said that it wouldn't necessarily work because we all favour one foot over the other- and unless we have clear sightlines to guide us we walk in an arc. That's why she and I bump into one another when we're walking side by side because she's left-footed and I'm right-footed.

Left, right, left right: I think there could be a political allegory nestling in there somewhere.