March 12th, 2021

Love And Saucers

Julia came to do some gardening, worked for about ten minutes then quit because the rain was coming at her horizontally. It was sunny first thing and I'll be surprised if it isn't sunny again before long. I keep reminding myself that March is supposed to be like this.

I moved out of my padded shirts and body warmers a couple of days ago. It's spring and I'm damned if I'll allow mere weather to persuade me otherwise.

But the weather is keeping me indoors- and I'm watching more telly than I would if the sun was shining

Yesterday I watched a documentary called Love and Saucers. It's about a man called David Huggins who's been encountering aliens all his life- and having sex with an ET woman he calls Crescent. Recently- he's in his seventies now- he's started making paintings of his experiences (you can find some of them online). They show Crescent as a human-looking woman with a pink body, a white, mask-like face, huge almond shaped eyes and shoulder-length black hair. Sometimes she wears a blue dress, sometimes she and David are naked. Other ETs- including a little furry guy and one that looks like a preying mantis- hang around, perform various tasks, supervise proceedings. Babies have resulted from David's encounters with Crescent- lots of them; and if one takes what he says at face value it would seem like he's been involved in some sort of human-alien breeding programme. He's a sweet man- a South Carolina farm boy who now works part time in a Hoboken deli. There's no side to him- and it's very hard not to believe he's being completely straight with us.