March 7th, 2021

A Fiery Dream, Energy Use, Plastic

I dreamed the house was overrun with rats. My father killed one with a stick then set fire to the little furry corpse with a cigarette lighter. In no time the house was ablaze and I was filling a garden trug with water from an outside tap to throw at a window that was spouting flame. That seemed to do the trick. The place was gutted but we agreed we had needed to redecorate anyway. The rats were gone. The cat survived the conflagration, emerging with his fur a little charred in places.

We had the electric company put us in a smart meter. It comes with an in-home display with tells us exactly how much we're spending minute by minute. Ailz got up an hour after me, checked the display, and told me I'd spent 50p running the shower and preparing my breakfast.

Rob Herring of Earth Conscious Life tells me only 9% of the plastic we've made since the dawn of the plastic era has ever been recycled- and the island of waste plastic in the middle of the Pacific is now twice the size of Texas. Recycling plastic is more expensive than making it new- and- well, I don't know... We (Ailz and I) do what we can to reuse and repurpose bottles and bags but the stuff keeps flooding in- much of it in the form of packaging- and the line between reusing and hoarding is very narrow.