March 5th, 2021

Acting With Sir Ian

I dreamed I was rehearsing a play with Ian McKellen. We were two old guys who met up every so often to play tennis- and all the dialogue was improvised. It was a dull play that didn't seem to be going anywhere- and I said as much- to which McKellen replied that I wasn't a very good actor. At least I thought that was what he said, only he may have said the exact opposite and I misheard. I didn't feel I could ask him to clarify and things became uncomfortable between us...


Earlier today I stopped myself writing a political post. Or rather a political post stopped itself from being written. The words wouldn't flow- and when that happens I know I don't have the wind behind me and it's best to let the matter drop.

I was going to take a swipe at entertainers, journalists and other public figures who choose to serve as mouthpieces for political or corporate interests but- because of the examples I'd chosen to get riled up about- the post would almost certainly have been interpreted as politically partisan- and so guilty of the very thing it was attacking.