March 2nd, 2021


The Mail has been feeding us snippets from the unexpurgated diaries of Chips Channon. They're great fun. Chips was a wealthy socialite, libertine and amateur politician who knew all the major players of his time- from Edward VIII to Herman Goering (whom he liked)- and fucked a fair few of them. Chips was impressionable, changeable, lightweight, charming, shrewd- and, writing without hindsight, often made a fool of himself. He adored Neville Chamberlain and thought Churchill "the most dangerous man in Europe." It's an ill-kept secret that the English upper classes were rather keen on the Nazis. Here's how Chips himself summed up the situation...

"All people, male or female, who are attracted by men and force are pro-German. The 'softies' who make a cult of female­ ­worship are pro-French.

Duff Cooper, who adores women to an almost insane pitch and is always trying to rape them in taxis, etc, is immeasurably pro-French. The King, luckily, if anything, is pro-German."

The diaries have been published before- in part- but we had to wait for everyone he wrote about to die before we got the full works. They'll be issued in three volumes- with the first coming out this month (maybe even today.) I'm awfully tempted- but am I tempted to the extent of paying £20 for the experience? For the time being I'm keeping it under consideration.