February 22nd, 2021


The resident pheasant (probably not the same pheasant that was resident last year but one of his kids) doesn't panic when he sees me, but steps delicately away and pretends I don't exist. This morning he moved discretely under a hedge- but carried on making pheasant noises which rather gave the game away.

"You'd be no good at hide and seek," I tell him.

I'm anthropomorphising- something I deplore in wildlife films (like David Attenborough's) but something that comes so easily, so amusingly, so comfortingly...

Last night I watched The Lighthouse. It's one of two recent movies of the same name. One of them stars Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson and this was the other one- made in Wales and starring actors I'd never heard of. Two hairy blokes who don't like one another are stuck on a rocky island twenty five miles off the Pembrokeshire coast, a storm blows up and continues for months. What happens next is horrid...

I was surprised to learn that the story is not only based on something that really happened but also cleaves fairly close to the facts insofar as it's possible to know them. The Smalls Lighthouse tragedy of 1801 caused a sensation at the time and led to the lighthouse companies upping their crews from two to three.