February 21st, 2021


Spring is almost here. In fact if the sky would clear and the sun shine bright I think it would be fair to say it had arrived. We have primroses flowering and daffodils almost flowering. When I walked round the garden earlier there was a flock of twitterers in the tall trees- fieldfares, I think- all talking at once.

Or perhaps they thought they were singing.

The British monarchy is going through one of those galvanic fits that in more colourful times would have had sulky dukes gathering armies in France and landing them at Milford Haven. If I were a monarchist I'd be grinding my teeth at the way the Palace has pushed its most interesting members into exile but, then again, if I were actually a monarchist (instead of a republican imagining himself as one) I'd be well happy because monarchists are people who want it to be 1953 forever. Harry and Meghan are a missed opportunity, I think. And I can't see they've actually done anything very wrong- except be a lot more fun than William and Kate.