February 20th, 2021

Pond, Laurel And Hardy, Covid

I keep telling myself I've finished with the pond- but it's my hobby and I can't stop tinkering. Yesterday I managed to breach the dam and this morning I've repaired the breach- and also done some dredging- and if I've buggered up my back in the process I've buggered up my back. After I finished the work I was joined by a robin which did that quintessentially robin thing of perching on the handle of my spade. No pictures, I'm afraid, because ever since I drowned a phone I've been wary of carrying battery powered objects when I'm playing about with water.

Yesterday afternoon I watched Stan and Ollie. I'd been putting it off in case the movie turned out to be less of a treat than the reviews had suggested but I needn't have worried. John C Reilly is all but indistinguishable from the actual Oliver Hardy and if Steve Coogan isn't quite as convincing as Stan Laurel it's because he doesn't have the face for it- but then who does? Stan's face was his fortune and if other actors could have replicated what he did with it he wouldn't have been such a phenomenon. The movie is sweetly affectionate- but never soppy and the reproductions of the comedy routines are as funny as the originals. Unlike most comedians Laurel and Hardy were passably nice people- and even their ex-wives (of whom there were several) seem to have loved them.

Early days, but the epidemic seems to be dying back. Whether this has anything to do with the government's strenuous policy of containment and innoculation or just what happens with epidemics I wouldn't like to say, but the tone of this sentence may be suggestive of the way I lean. Coming out of lockdown could be trickier than going in. We will have to rediscover the world out there- and pick our way carefully through the ruins of old habits.