February 12th, 2021

Scurrying Out, Scurrying In

The sun is shining but there's a cold wind- and I really don't want to be outside any longer than I have to be. I scurry out to replenish the feeders- which the birds are hammering- and scurry back in again. The house is filling up with cardboard boxes because I'm putting off taking them to the shed. I just did the washing up and it was a pleasure to be working with hot water and steam.

Trevor came to service the boiler. His supervisor rang in advance to tell us we weren't to go anywhere near him or offer him drinks because Covid 19. Trevor gave the boiler a clean bill of health but said it was getting old. Old? Really? We had it installed in 2014.

I've been watching The Ghost Inside My Child- a documentary series about kids who remember past lives. I've spent enough time looking into the subject not to need persuading that reincarnation is part of the economy of life on this planet- but there's a fascination in getting to hear directly from a person who fought as a sniper at the siege of Moscow or commanded troops at the battle of Edgehill or- as a Cathar- walked purposefully into a fire to avoid submitting to the Catholic Church.