February 6th, 2021


Misty. Water dripping from the trees. I get a broom and sweep the leaves and twigs out of the puddle by the front gate. It makes a lovely noise. The puddle is quite deep. I enjoy wading through it in my gumboots.

Julia has engaged a couple of boys/young men/studenty types to dig out the compost heaps and spread them over the lower field. The thing is we've been doing compost heaps wrong, throwing any old rottable rubbish on them- and now we want to start again from scratch and do it right. I was watching Monty Don talk compost the other day. He says you want a mix of green waste and brown waste; One provides oxygen and t'other provides nitrogen (I forget which way round it is.) Get it right and your compost will be friable and so good you could almost forget about raising vegetables with it and put it in a bowl and eat it with a spoon; get it wrong and your compost will be a kind of slurry which is still usable but you're not going to be tempted to have it for breakfast. The longer we stay here the more serious our gardening becomes...

Julia's studenty types have never met before. I hear them chatting as they work, sharing info, making friends.