February 3rd, 2021

The Matrix Re-Loaded

The Matrix is a film that didn't need sequels. Neo's arc is complete when he explodes Agent Smith from within and goes soaring up into the sky. He is now invincible and the salvation of Zion is a done deal.

The Matrix Reloaded has very little story to it. Nothing of consequence happens except that Neo's super powers become even more super. Our heroes are sent off on a quest that turns out to be a wild goose chase and end up almost exactly where they were at the end of the first movie. The action sequences are breathtaking and more elaborate than before. The Merovingian is a fun new character- and has a delicious speech about how much he likes insulting people in French. The passages of exposition are hard to comprehend at a single viewing.

My memory of The Matrix Revolutions is that it's pretty dreadful but I plan to watch it anyway. If I don't post a review it will because I've seen no reason to change my mind.