January 15th, 2021

Rodents And ETs

There was a bit of rat activity last night but it never built up into anything really annoying. I lay there listening and trying to work out exactly where they were- and it struck me that maybe they weren't actually in the house but on the roof- in which case they're more likely to be squirrels than rats- which is a happy thought.

Dr Steven Greer believes we shouldn't wait for the government to disclose the "truth" about ETs but go out into nature, find somewhere relatively quiet- and talk to them ourselves- which is pretty much what he does full time. I watched a couple of his movies on Prime. They're called Unreported and Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind. He says the ETS are no danger to us but we're a danger to them- and that's why they're still keeping their distance- and we shouldn't believe government when it tells us we need to defend our air space against them because that's the sour old men of the military industrial complex talking and asking for more of our tax dollars. If a race that's capable of interstellar or even intergalactic travel really wanted to go to war with us they'd be able to wipe us out in a heart-beat- and would almost certainly have done so by now. Our continued existence is all the evidence we should need of their good intentions. ETs aren't even alien, really, because all of us are thoughts of the One Universal Mind- and the only difference is they're more advanced thoughts than we are- and for "more advanced" read "more loving, more peaceful, more aware". Think of them as our older brother and sisters.