January 11th, 2021


A video appeared yesterday- shot on a phone as so much news footage is these days- which showed a middle-aged woman being arrested by three policeman in Bournemouth for the Covid-era "crime" of sitting on a public bench. I viewed it on a MSN site. "Now, that's a real abuse of power," I thought. And I was going to blog about it- but at the last minute some sixth sense stopped me posting what I'd written. Just as well, because the" cops" and their "victim" turn out to have been members of an anti-lockdown group. As Ailz said this morning, "Real police wouldn't have made such a horlicks of putting the handcuffs on."

It was a very simple fake, nothing deep about it, no expensive set-up or digital trickery involved- but it had us fooled.

La Lutte Continue...

The rats were back last night- Scamper, scamper, scamper. We've stopped them accessing the cupboards but they're still getting into the walls and floors.

I surveyed the house this morning. It's a complicated building- made up of sections dating from three different eras (c1820, c1960 and c.1980)- with interior walls that were once exterior walls- and roofs pitched every-which-a-way- and I was finding it hard to work out how it all fits together. In the end I decided the interior rat runs don't actually join up- and different animals are coming into the building through different holes. One of these- the old extractor fan- has been dealt with- and this morning I stuffed another of them with copper wire wool. We'll see how that does.

The roof space I had my head stuck into this morning contains several abandoned wasps nests. Do wasps and rats cohabit or fight? I suspect the latter- and that the wasps would probably win. Come back wasps, all is forgiven; I'd rather have you for neighbours; you're quieter.