January 9th, 2021

Rats, Ghosts, Groceries

The new cooker hood replaces an extractor fan which stopped working a year or two back after I'd given it a deep clean. The droppings inside showed the rats have been using it as one of their doorways into the house- or more precisely into the wall cavity. We didn't hear a single rustle or scamper out of them last night. Problem solved? Perhaps.

I'm binge-watching the BBC sitcom Ghosts. A young couple inherit a haunted house, the ghosts resent their plans to turn it into a hotel- and one of them pushes the wife out of an upstairs window- after which she can see and hear them. It's an ensemble comedy which takes a kindly view of even its most deplorable characters- in a way that hasn't been fashionable recently.

The traditional milk round was on its way out but the pandemic may have saved it. The company that runs ours now stocks a wide range of products- including vegan ones- and has morphed into a grocery delivery service- one that shows up regularly and reliably three times a week. We're pushing a lot more money their way than we did before.