January 8th, 2021

Work In Progress

I should have closed my laptop but I wasn't thinking. Peter was sawing a hole in the ceiling, a light dust fell, producing a rather fetching mottled effect on the keyboard- and the touch pad seized up.

Ailz fixed the problem by turning the machine wrong way up and tapping it lightly on the table.

The hole in the ceiling is so the pipework serving the shower can be accessed. It's right over my mother's seat at the table- so we'll be feeding her in the living room.

Peter and Alf are doing various jobs left over from the last time they were here- and others that we've dreamed up since- like putting an outside tap on the kitchen wall and a hood over the cooker. Ailz rang Peter on Wednesday and he and Alf showed up yesterday morning first thing. Normally tradesmen like Peter have a waiting list that's months long. I presume his availability is something to do with Covid. I haven't asked; I don't feel it would be tactful.

When the power tools cease grinding and drilling and cutting I notice something I otherwise take for granted- the silence. Another thing I notice that I otherwise take for granted is just how beautiful it is.