January 6th, 2021

Mr Holmes

Mr Holmes leaves the train at Cuckmere Haven, then gets himself driven to his home outside the village by way of Winchelsea (that church is unique and unmistakable)- a round trip of thirty or forty miles.

I realise film makers mash up locations all the time but this is the first occasion I've seen it done in a landscape (the landscape of East Sussex) which I know and love.

Otherwise the movie is trite. Sherlock Holmes, in retirement, is tutored in the primacy of human feeling by the young boy he takes under his wing. There's a case to be solved that doesn't make a great deal of sense- logical or human- and a trip to Japan has been shoehorned in so that Sherlock can get to visit Hiroshima (two years after the bomb dropped) and have his withers wrung.

The performances are fine and East Sussex looks amazing.


There's snow in Sevenoaks- and Westerham Hill is impassible but here- a few miles to the south east- all we've had is rain. There's a forecast for even grungier weather to come.

My friend Jazzy D says there's no reason why we shouldn't keep our Christmas decorations up until Candlemas- which is Feb 2. It's what the medievals did. According to the Guardian a lot of people have had the same idea. Normally I'd have taken everything down by now but these are not normal times- and never will be again.